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YouTube Signs Arctic Monkeys for Music Streaming Service


The deal was signed after months of negotiations, in which YouTube even threatened to blocked music videos by artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Adele, The XX and Sigur Rós, if its demands were not met. Google-owned website Robert Kyncl, argued it was offering rights holders a good deal, but that those that refused to sign up would be blocked from the platform.

Now, within a few weeks YouTube finally launch a paid-for music service, which will compete with Spotify, Deezer and Apple’s Beats Music. It is expected that YouTube will offer users who pay a subscription fee unlimited access to a library of songs and music videos.

YouTube had already signed deals with the three major record labels: Universal, Sony and Warner, but to launch a service with a full catalogue of popular songs it needed to license music from Merlin, which represents 20,000 independent labels (!) in wich are included XL Recordings, and Domino, the label behind the Arctic Monkeys.


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