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Watch Arctic Monkeys Live with Friends in Style


Many music fans agree: live musical performances are the best, most “real” form music can take. Like seeing the brush strokes of the greats in their most famous works, hearing a song performed live can include “mistakes” or other nuances pre-recorded music won’t allow, and it allows you to experience the whole of an artist’s body of work. These are a few of the reasons cited when explaining why concerts are such an appealing alternative to recorded music. These are the reasons that many music fans are willing to pay extra, and go the extra mile, to go to concerts. If you’re among this group of dedicated fans, here are some tips to make the most of your concert going experience.


Consider “carpooling.” When going to concerts, you can drastically reduce expenses by traveling with others going to the same concerts. Odds are your friends have similar taste in music and probably like many of the same bands you do, so invite friends along to make the trip cheaper for everyone involved. Not to mention that this will create memories and the sort of stories you’ll tell your kids. Sharing your concert experience with like minded friends is a great way to improve the experience.

Another way to enhance the concert going experience is alter your choice of clothing. While your main priority is most likely, and should be, comfort, you probably want to look great, too, so don’t be afraid to plan a great outfit for your musical adventure. Consider the weather when making this decision, as well as the climate you’re visiting, to make sure you feel great throughout the experience. Also consider spending a little extra on top notch apparel to look your best when you meet your favorite band.

Sperry Top Sider can ensure that you look great and stay comfortable while rocking out to your favorite tunes performed live.


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